Australia Vs New Zealand: Which is the Best Country for Study Abroad?

Best Country for Study Abroad 2020Education is one of the most basic and essential aspects of any human being. Some people choose to study in their respective nations, and some people decide to move abroad and complete their graduation.

However, selecting the best university, curriculum, work opportunities in abroad countries can be tricky. In this review, we are going to describe and compare the education pattern of Australia and New Zealand.


By the end of this Best Country for Study Abroad 2020 review, you can evaluate the pros and cons of both the education system. And decide the best for your life if you are planning to study abroad.

Education System in Australia

Australia is the smallest and emerging continent of the world. The Indian and Pacific oceans surrounded this continent. Australia is a chill nation of hardworking and friendly people who will love to give value to outsiders in any way possible.

Students who are planning to study abroad they will need an estimate of AUD 20000 TO $70000 per year. This amount will include tuition fees as well as room and living expenses.

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Courses Offered and Entry Requirements in Australia 

Australia has around 43 universities that offer a variety of courses to students who visit the nation from all over the world. The famous and essential courses include computer science, Hotel management, veterinary science, Accounting, MBA, Health care, Engineering, Media, Commercial Cooking and many more.

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If students want to study an undergraduate degree program in Australia, then they need to get 12 years of pre-university education like STPM or A LEVELS, SAM or IB and IC.

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For Postgraduate courses, students can quickly get admission once they finish the three years of the undergraduate curriculum. ILETS might be necessary in case of Visa approvals.

Visa Process and Employment Opportunities in Australia 

To study in Australian Universities, students have to pay an amount of AUD 500 to $ 600 for the visa process. Students must specially note that they can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their graduation period in Australia.

If the spouses are opting for Masters and PhD they can work for unlimited hours. Talking about employment opportunities, currently, top jobs in Australia includes the hospital industry, accounting, medical services and many more.

Education System in New Zealand

Whenever students plan to study in Australia, they also evaluate the education system of New Zealand because of the similarities and geographical location.

New Zealand is all about fun, adventure, and thrill. Students opting for New Zealand for their abroad studies will experience a rich cultural heritage and dynamic human personalities.

Talking about the cost of living in New Zealand, students will spend an estimated amount of AUD 35000 TO $ 60000 per year. It will include tuition fees along with room and living expenses.

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Courses Offered and Entry Requirements in New Zealand 

As compared to Australia, New Zealand has 6 top and famous universities from which students can select their desired college and course. There are dynamic courses offered in the nation as well.

The courses include Visual communications, Health care, Business, IT, Hotel Management and many more. New Zealand has fewer courses to offer in comparison with Australian Universities.

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To enter New Zealand universities, it will be easier to get diploma courses rather than degree courses. For studying here, students need to have good command in the English language. This is one of the critical deciding factors.

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Visa Process and Employment Opportunities in New Zealand 

If students wish to study in New Zealand Universities, they have to apply for the visa. The visa process will cost around AUD 300. As an international student, the student must complete their course in the minimum time duration.

Spouses of the student will be allowed to work full time in New Zealand. Talking about employment opportunities, once students finish their courses from universities, they will get various job opportunities in New Zealand. The job offers will be from sectors such as Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Finance, Business, ICT, Electronics and many more.

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Best Country for Study Abroad 2020 Conclusion 

In this Best Country for Study Abroad 2020 review, we have covered all the necessary relevant information related to Australia’s and New Zealand Education system. Both countries are considered as sisters because of their geographical location and cultural similarities.

However, if we were to decide the best nation for education, the title will go to Australia. As compared to New Zealand, Australia has a higher number of universities which would accommodate more students from the world.

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Not only this, Australia offers more variety of courses than New Zealand Universities. If we evaluate the employment opportunities, it depends upon the capabilities of the student as well. Both nations offer equal employment opportunities to students once they finish the course.

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In terms of the cost of living, New Zealand is comparatively cheaper than Australia. Living expenses vary from person to person. So, to sum up, the review we can say that Australia is a better nation to go for abroad studies other than New Zealand.